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There are many misconceptions surrounding Bankruptcy.
Here are 7 special protections bankruptcy may provide you.

We understand where you are coming from

When I was growing up many years ago, my parents went through a very nasty divorce. This caused our family to fall into a financial nightmare. Debt collectors were calling us continuously and some were even coming to our door. I watched my mother cry almost every single night as she was a very prideful woman who did not want to rely on any financial assistance. Finally, with her back completely against the wall, she called a bankruptcy attorney. Suddenly the calls stopped and our nightly ritual of hiding our car from being repossessed had come to an end. After completing the bankruptcy, I witnessed my mother truly being able to breathe again.

As time went on, she was able to totally rebuild her life. This also became my turning point. That time in my life had such an impact on me that I realized that I needed to choose a career that would help people who were crushed by financial disasters. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused financial ruin to millions of people across the United States and all over the world. I know now that my job is to do whatever I can to help people get back on their feet again.

Many people are going to be facing the same mountain of debt and problems that my own mother and family faced many years ago. I can only hope after reading this letter and reviewing this website that you do not procrastinate. I hope that you realize that there is real help available that can put you back on your feet. There are legal ways to get the bill collectors off your back and stop the banks from being able to garnish your wages and bank accounts. If you own a home, this can stop a foreclosure.

Please take your time and review the information that we have put together and then take the next step and call us. We will do our absolute best on guiding you and helping you with honest, straightforward legal advice. Our mission is to help you get your life back again. Please remember that there is no cost or obligation to make that call. We are here for you!

Young Vincent Kim, Esquire

Bankruptcy Basics

“Some economists estimate that for every family that goes bankrupt, there are about 15 more who are in the same amount of financial trouble and would profit from bankruptcy but just haven’t filed.”
~ Senator Elizabeth Warren

“Today, certain people file for bankruptcy, businesses and individuals, and it no longer has the stigma it once had. Now it’s almost considered wise, a way to regroup and come back again.”
~ David Dinkins

Many people mistakenly associate bankruptcy with being judged, punished and a future plagued by damaged credit and limited options. The truth is, bankruptcy is a tool intended to help people repair their finances and take advantage of a clean slate – not inflict lasting harm as Mr. Dinkins describes above.

It is a misconception that bankruptcy ruins your reputation. It might hurt your chances of getting loans and credit in the short term, but that is all. It is basically a personal decision that enables you to restructure and renew your financial situation for the sake of yourself and your family.  In simple terms, bankruptcy is like flicking the switch of your debt history off and then back on. It resets your consumer debts such as those associated with your credit card, vehicle, mortgage, etc.

It is widely (and wrongly) believed that bankruptcy leads to the loss of all assets. However, contrary to this, many assets that you own are protected by bankruptcy laws within the bankruptcy court. The assets include furnishings, retirement saving accounts, basic homes and vehicles (inexpensive ones). The specifics vary state to state and at the federal level, so you should check the laws in your state or area to have better information about what is protected.  On the federal level, retirement accounts are protected to a limit of $1,171,650. Other things that are protected include your 401(k) account, pension, disability, IRA and Social Security benefits. This is the reason why many lawyers recommend against borrowing from a protected account for the repayment of debt.

Most importantly, whether you’re facing foreclosure on your home or you are being harassed by creditors.  We are confident that our attempt to restart you with a new financial slate, will give you the tools you need to retake control of your financial life.

You need a plan!

To have a New Financial Beginning, a plan is needed!

Hiring an attorney, in particular our firm, gives you experience in various methods of starting your new clean slate and being freed from many of the heavy shackles of debt.  Many people attempt to hold on as long as they can and refuse to get help out of pride or not knowing what to do.  However, asking for help may be the smartest thing to due in times of uncertainty!

With a solid plan, consumers have the opportunity to take control and forge their own path regarding the debt, instead of being bullied around and on the receiving end of pressure.  They can now have the control to begin again.  But how is the average person supposed to know which tools to utilize and how to put together and execute a plan?  THIS is where hiring a law firm would best come into play as not only does the law firm know the tools, they know how to use them optimally.

“I discovered that a fresh start is a process. A fresh start is a journey – a journey that requires a plan.” – Vivian Jokotade  Nigerian-American author, speaker and thought leader on topics relating to women, business and leadership.

A plan is critical and hiring a lawyer to guide you through the process of beginning fresh again allows you to do many things and utilize many tools.  These tools include but are not limited to, a combination of monitoring your credit reporting, analyzing collection attempts, letters and the creditor reports for violations of law, allowing the attorney to negotiate debts and utilize debt settlement, bankruptcy and other debt reduction techniques.  Each situation is unique as each consumer, while generally thrust into this situation, has their own circumstances that need review to determine the best step and to avoid future debt traps.

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The Covid-19/Corona Virus Economy

Our world has been turned upside down due to the events of the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent closures of businesses and losses of jobs and income. These are truly uncertain times filled fear and worry. However, there are options out there for people just like you to get a fresh start and start rebuilding financial stability. If the lasts financial crisis has affected you, or if you were in dire straits before all of this happened, there are options available to help you resolve, eliminate or manage your previous debts and start the process of raising your credit score that is likely in shambles.

Our mission is to help consumer’s like you achieve A New Financial Beginning. A path to improved financial knowledge and literacy which opens the door to new life opportunities such as home ownership, higher education and secure retirement. We support under-banked individuals in accessing and participating in financial services, increasing equitable opportunities for economic advancement.

This New Financial Beginning allows hard working Americans like you to get rest again, look at their spouse and children and feel stronger in reassuring things will be alright and be able to walk with their head up and not feel ashamed due to the financial struggles.

This New Financial Beginning creates a stronger consumer and may be possible for you.

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    Finally, a law firm and your plan could allow you go on the offensive even stronger and sue the banks and other creditors for violations of various federal laws.

    This includes the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) for example in circumstances where creditors spam you with auto-dialer calls.  This may include any applicable landlord tenant law where they may have improperly evicted you or attempted to evict you by using unscrupulous means or mishandled your security deposit or refused to provide it back to you.  The most common laws that are violated are the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (“FCCPA”)  These laws exist to protect consumers, such as yourself from unfair, deceptive, and abusive debt collection practices in the collection of consumer debts as well as to protect against the invasion of individual privacy.

    The FDCPA imposes civil liability on any debt collector and the FCCPA imposes liability on any creditor, person, or debt collector that engage in violative conduct in connection with collecting consumer debts.

    Here are a few examples of prohibited acts by debt collectors and creditors:

    If your rights have been violated, under both the Florida and Federal debt collection laws, you can file a lawsuit against the debt collector or creditor seeking statutory damages up to $1,000, actual damages, court costs, attorney’s fees, and possibly punitive damages.

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