William Brissie, ESQ.

Personal Experience & Biography

William J. Brissie is a dedicated and accomplished attorney based in Cincinnati, Ohio. With a unique blend of legal expertis, he has successfully represented clients in various legal matters. His deep understanding of the law, coupled with his compassionate and client-focused approach, sets him apart as a trusted advocate for his clients.

Eager to expand his horizons, William embarked on his legal journey at the University of Dayton, School of Law, where he excelled in his studies and honed his analytical and advocacy skills. During law school, he demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and legal aid, providing pro bono assistance to underserved populations and participating in various volunteer initiatives.

Upon receiving his Juris Doctor (JD) degree and passing the bar exam, William returned to Cincinnati to serve his community. He joined a reputable law firm and quickly established himself in the legal arena.

Beyond his legal practice, William is actively involved in local legal associations and community initiatives. He regularly volunteers his time to educate and empower individuals about their legal rights and responsibilities, further cementing his reputation as a dedicated advocate for justice.

William J. Brissie’s unique combination of legal expertise, healthcare knowledge, and unwavering dedication to his clients makes him a sought-after attorney in Cincinnati. Whether he is representing homeowners in foreclosure, or bankruptcy filings, William remains steadfast in his commitment to upholding the law and serving his community